Oct 15, 2008

Dear Sample Sale

I LOVE YOU- to think I've been missing out on you for so many years.

How much does a $495 Tommy Hilfiger blazer cost?
TWENTY DOLLARS?!??! I'll take it.

How much does a pair of bright yellow patent heels cost?
FIFTEEN DOLLARS??!?!?!? I'll take 2! (no really...)

Today Sydney (adorable friend at work) and I headed out to the sample sales in our building, and came away with some incredible finds. Yes, 26th and 11th might be a pain to walk through- but if it means I get to enjoy the upcoming Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci and Club Monaco sample sales- then by all means, let this girl walk. (I'll just be skinnier for the new clothes)

Oh life full of sample sales, you're samply fantastic.

the newly outfitted shopper


Always In Style said...

Lucky you - what great finds!

I love your blog header btw - I was married in Central Park and have similar photos.

valerie said...

i just love you and your fashion sense

E.F.G. said...

is that 2nd pair of patent leather heels for your same-size sister? trying not to turn totally green over your great deals.

Oliver & Margy said...

Dear personal shopper,
I think you may have found a GREAT new job for yourself.
Almost rich enough to hire you :)

Stephanie said...

Tell me how I can do this too.

Marci & Daniel said...

1. your jacket was amazing.
2. can't wait to see the pumps.
3. i have never been to sample sale (gasp). they totally intimidate me. i need a friend to go with apparently...so give me a call next time you go!