Sep 24, 2008

A List

1. I think my new doctor reads my blog, cause when I walked into his office yesterday I was greeted by a fancy printed sign which had quote from Dear Life...

"Thank you for NOT smoking."

What a wonderful personal touch. I wonder what fancy sign the orthodox Jewish woman next to me got upon her entrance?

2. I got a new job. Third time is a charm. Gibson Dunn was too cold. Events was too hot. But McGarry Bowen is just right.

3. It would seem that although I thought I was living life right back at BYU, I wasn't. Since moving to Harlem it's like this fluffy cloud follows me around and rains blessings on my head.
It rains free hand creme from L'occitane.
It rains hand-blown glasses by Dante Moriani.
It rains employment.
It rains financial security amid "economic crisis."
It rains prescriptions that solve the problem.
And it just keeps raining ...

If all of the rain drops with lemon drops and blessing drops oh what a wonderful world it would be.


Alison said...

you cannot just flippantly state, oh i got a new job. that's not how it works. DETAILS, that's why the people read. Give the people what they want.

Jake and Jenna said...

sounds like you've had QUITE the turn-around. and rightly so.


becca said...

you work at mcgarry bowen?? cool. i miss nyc lots these past two weeks.

naomi megan said...

glad to hear those prescriptions are solving the problem.

and this made me want some lemon drops.

valerie said...

Remember that time you said you'd move back to UT if you were offered your old job back and if Matt could transfer? That was a happy moment for me.