Sep 2, 2008

Dear Labor Day Weekend...

I used to work for BYU. I used to have a boss named Michael. We used to have weekly meetings where everyone used to share their weekend highlight - a funny story, a great moment ... Well I don't have one, I have lots and I'm sharing them all.

Dear Labor Day Weekend,
Highlights below. I wish it were Labor Day EVERY day. Thanks

  • brushing elbows with the cast of Entourage- one word, HANDSOME.
  • surprise flowers from the hubby- more lilies than a girl could ever dream of.
  • a journey through Chinatown to find Thai food ingredients- like a scavenger hunt. Apparently Chinatown doesn't boast the flavors of Indonesian cuisine, however ... I hunted down my Holy Basil AND Kaffir lime leaves ... Lybbert THAI night, here we come.
  • courtside tix to the US Open next to Serena's father - no joke, 3rd row from the court, an arm's reach from Papa Williams. Now that's what I call tennis!
  • all the time with Matt I could ever want
  • tennis and long walks in westchester - where Erica sat on the court and refused to participate! (in all fairness, her blood sugar had plummeted) this was our warm up for Monday's U.S. Open activities
  • staying up late watching Transformers- who knew it was so good?
  • homemade caramel popcorn by brother Jason - DELISH - about 6 bags covered in sugary caramel goodness... unbelievable
  • Harlem's finest chicken and waffles - who would have thought that coupled together fried chicken with a waffle would be so delicious at 11:00 PM at night. Harlem comes up with all the good ideas, like my next highlight ....** apologies to Celeste and Tage for waffling without you- but after we talked about it on Sunday I just couldn't' wait. Don't worry... we'll go back **
  • Make My Cake red velvet cupcakes (116th & St. Nicks)
  • flying planes and electronic boats in Central Park - Matt and all the boys pooled their tickets together at the bachelor party to win a remote controlled airplane/boat/car and we made its maiden voyage this weekend. 4 HARD crash landings later and a remodel into a speed boat, the battery ran out in the middle of the Meer (Harlem's Central Park lake) and we had to abandon the ship. Still, a really great time.

Labor Day Weekend, you sure were great.


valerie said...

you had the best weekend ever.

Morgan said...

mmmm chicken and waffles. tell matt i am going to roscoe's tonight.

Laura said...

Hi Noelle!
I found your blog, courtesy of On Life and Lybberty, which I visit from time to time and get into annoying blog comment-wars with Jake's liberal friends. I love your blog and since I miss you guys, it is great to reconnect here. Hope you are enjoying marriage! Hugs!

familia Bybaran said...

That is a really fun weekend. Chalk one up to staying in the city when everyone else leaves.

Rebecca Smylie said...

While I'm jealous of your weekend--I'm similarly jealous tha tyou once worked in an office with a boss named Michael you deliberately pursued office comraderie. I don't know how to spell that.

Oliver & Margy said...

did you ever find the abandoned speedboat? We need to cruise the meer and take a look. :)