Sep 12, 2008

Dear Employed Life,

Dear Sleep Thief,
I should probably have more manners than to write to you - but I just HAVE to tell you how much I resent you. Morning Bladder, you are the worst.
I have 24 minutes left to sleep.
I toss.
I turn.
There's an uncomfortable urge I can't ignore.
I roll over.
My back hurts, thanks to you. I have 22 minutes left to sleep. I was comfortable. I've finally- after a night of endless adjustments- reached optimal sleeping temperature. If I move, I'll upset the one foot/one arm out temperature balance I achieved. But, you win. I'm wasting my remaining sleeping minutes trying to fend you off. I wake. I stumble. I relieve. I have 18 minutes left of sleep - what's the point? Here's hoping they are rollover sleeping minutes, but somehow I have a inkling I've been robbed by you AGAIN.

I go to the kitchen and get a glass a water cause somehow, I'm thirsty again.

Dear New Job,
Matt says he's never seen me so happy, and I have to agree. I've had some great jobs- Abercrombie, waitress at Peabody's & Michael's Tavern, SAP Global Marketing, Torino Olympics, BYU Public Relations Intern, ThomasArts- but there was inevitably ALWAYS some clock watching. "Three hours left today." "Shift ends in 45 minutes." "When will today be over?" Sometimes I would sit in SJ's office, just willing the day to end ... but not with you. I LOVE being busy. I love having a page-long to do list that grows by the minute. I love juggling phone calls, emails, files, invoices, contracts, vendor bookings and seating charts. I love the studio we cram into. I love the details of socialite weddings. Yesterday I worked 10.5 hours, and didn't even realize it. Dear New Job, you are the best!

Dear Biggest Loser,
Can't wait for you to start. Maybe you'll motivate me to get off the couch.
Hoping I'm a loser too,


Jacob Lybbert said...

Dear fellow burglary victim, I feel you pain. Each and every night. Or should I say morning. If you stumble across a good theft deterrent, let me know. I will be forever in your debt.

kimmy girl said...

happy happy happy you are happy.

The Castletons said...

noelle congrats on the job! so what are you doing??

ps. i totally know what you mean about the one arm/leg out to maintain the temperature balance...i do the same thing. must be a Reeve thing.

valerie said...

so happy you're happy because you sure do deserve it