Aug 11, 2008

I Have a Job ... A Pretty Good One

Without sharing too many details - I used a recruiter.
A recruiter who called too many times a day.
A recruiter who invaded my inbox with a barrage of text messages to follow up on interviews.
A recruiter who harassed me so thoroughly that I thought about walking away altogether.

Now, I have a job.
A job that gives me 4 weeks paid vacation, 6 sick days and 3 personal days.
A job that I don't have to arrive at until 9:30 a.m.
A job that will bring in what I want most, a pay check!

In the end, I accepted a generous offer from the international law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher. I am an executive assistant to one of the Partners. The office is located 48 floors above Grand Central Station. If you're ever there, give me a call.

Also ... maybe my boss has a quasi famous brother who has appeared in box office hits like "What Women Want" "Two Weeks Notice," and many appearances on Law & Order.

Opportunity Costs of Taking This Job:
  • I won't be working for Martha Stewart
  • I won't be traveling around the world critiquing restaurants for EyeWitness or Lonely Planet travel guides
  • I won't be hob knobbing with Broadway actors at Serino Coyne Ad agency
  • I won't be sleeping in til 10 am

One more thing...
Due to the "SEVER THUNDERSTORM WARNING IN EFFECT" today, I am thankful for these little wellies ...
And one more thing...
I have a dinner date tonight at Mercer Kitchen- which is delicious.
Last time I was there George Clooney came strolling in. I was too cool to say hello, but George, if you're there tonight, I might just ditch my date and have you join me for dinner.


Rachel Ricchio said...

one of my dreams has been to critique restaurants around the world.

Kimberley said...

Hi Noelle~ This is Kim (Peay) Hatch- just found you on Kimmy's blog and thought I would check yours out! Congrats on the job and hope things are going well!!!

familia Bybaran said...

Congrats. I know this firm. It's a great one. I hope you will like it there.

valerie said...

and you can come out to visit the SLC and not have to worry about being forced to eat nothing but ramen to avoid going into debt!

Ky said...

Your job sounds fabulous! Congrats!

Also fabulous are your yellow wellies. Good work with those.

Cheryl said...

Congratulations! We miss you, but let's be honest, this job sounds pretty great.

With your quasi-famous boss-in-law maybe you could get some additional part time work where we can see you and your wellies in some minor rolls on the silver screen.

Stephanie said...

<3 you. Go right on over there and rise to the top. I'll watch from D.C.

Rebecca said...

Awesome. I didn't realize you took the job. I bet you'll be happy there. My bro works for Gibson, so my family has takend to calling them "Uncle Gibby." As in, "thanks for dinner, Uncle Gibby."

jody said...

Dear Noelle,


I love your blog. It is the perfect mix of entertaining, carefree, and heartfelt narratives.

Just thought you should know.