Aug 13, 2008

Dear Blog Masters...

Blog Masters, I'm appealing to your web wisdom.
Where oh where can i find an adorable blog template that so many of you have?
and please- don't send me to Pyzam.
I'm calling you out -

BYBARAN, how'd you do it?
Jenny Heyman, I need details.
Cousin Claire, you can copy dear life if I can copy your template.
C'mon Kimbers- six years of friendship, you can share your secret.
Jenna, I'll block you if you don't tell me how you do it!

And the good news is MY HUSBAND DOES LOVE ME.
Proof: we're getting an elliptical trainer to put in the little cove of our apartment i've dubbed "the home gym." Don't want to pay $80 at NYSC? Come on over!


jenny said...

wow i feel so honored to be mentioned on your blog. i usually make my own blog headers in adobe illustrator/photoshop. or i also know how to change your html code and download scrapbook papers as your background.

both of those are a little time consuming though so if you're just looking for a cute template i've seen a couple people with templates from, or i'd try googling and see what other websites there are.

good luck!

The Mendenhall Clan said...

try this website. its where i found mine!!


Jake and Jenna said...

i'm not sure if you're talking about ME jenna or another jenna. but mine isn't that cute, so i wasn't sure. BUT, i do have very helpful blogging instructions that i can email to you. let me know.

and i think your blog is cute! i like simple.

Jake and Jenna said...

email me. i'll send you some goods my dear. and what an honor!

auntie libby said...

here's some cute one's. i haven't used them...but i sure think they are cute!

love you....miss you....

big hugs

familia Bybaran said...

It all starts with checking the specs on the end-line for the rotary girder. From there it is pretty self explanatory, but this may help:

As my banner took 3 years to figure out and I almost lost my entire blog, you're probably better off following others' advice.

kimmy girl said...

no really, mine is the pyzam. and it isnt so cute anymore. i need a new one. i missed you.