Jul 24, 2008

Dear I Love Luci

Some people often wonder why it is that I love my little Luci Cat so dearly...

But if you were greeted JUST LIKE THIS everytime you came home, wouldn't you love Luci too?

Christian the Lion - The best free videos are right here

(makes my eyes leak EVERY time)


Ryan and Laura said...

Just so you know Noelle, it is even better when you walk into a room to pick up your baby (who is so hard to leave in the first place) and they walk right up to you and snuggle into your shoulder. You'll love it! (someday)

valerie said...

i'll hug you like that the next time i get to see your face

Jacob Lybbert said...

I was totally pulling for the lion to maul his former owners. And given the music and the set-up, I was certain it would happen.

E.F.G. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
E.F.G. said...

oh boy! have you ever seen grizzly man? he thought he was very close to those bears too.

Jake and Jenna said...

i have a cat at home in georgia. her name is cali and i love her dearly. i've begged jake to let me ship her out to utah to live with me, but he won't let me. i swear she's actually human. i bet luci-cat is human too. sure love you noelle, let's be better friends.

Jake and Jenna said...

p.s. i know i've left extensive comments on the last three posts, but i just can't help it because i swear i'm reading about my own life.

angelique said...

Jake is right (see comments on previous post) Luci(fer) is a boy, you need to love him for who he is

also re: your previous post, it is easy to be lonely in NYC - when I was there I found that it helped to get out into the city and try to feel like a part of that vast organism - go to new neighborhoods, try people watching, its not as personal as knowing your neighbors, its more a general sense that you're sharing a similar experience with over 8 miilion other people - one of the things I love most about NYC is the sense of privacy in the midst of millions that you can get there

Gina said...

Yes...I love that video! I think of Oscar (my doggie) and it makes me cry...oh I love animals! Anyway, your wedding was wonderful. I put a post about it on my blog! (cliffandgina.blogspot.com) oh, and I added you on my list. Love ya!

emily kate said...

My friend/former roommate Kali just sent me your blog. I'm super excited because we're moving to NYC in 2 days!! And from what I've raed it sounds like you live in Harlem?? That's where we're moving! My husband is attending med school there. I have no idea what I'll be doing. Will we be in the same ward?? Our apt. is on 110th. Gotta run, we're leaving in 2 days and I have a ton to do. My e-mail is emilycake84@yahoo.com!

emilyhutchison said...

I really enjoyed coming home to Luci cat. Well except all those times she would give me "bad touches". She's a frisky little thing.

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