May 6, 2008

Dear May 6

Dear Summer dresses,
As an ode to my favorite thing to wear, and my last remaining days at ThomasArts, I'm wearing dresses and ONLY dresses- rain or shine. Thanks to some savvy shopping, I got three killer ones for under $65 TOTAL this weekend. Thank you life for these little numbers...

(I'm baking Matt a pie the next time I sport this one! and trust me, it's way cuter on, i'll post a pic to prove it)

Dear Cinco de Mayo,
Remember when I won 2nd place in the ThomasArts Cinco de Mayo Limbo Competition? I had no idea I could get so low - must be those private lessons from L Rees in the "get low zone," or the yoga classes she makes me go to.

Dear Bridesmaid Shoes,
Who knew you were Manolo knock-offs? I'll tell you who - Cheryl from Kentucky.

Dear KSL,
Thanks for helping me sell my $1800 pillow-top twin mattress. Congrats to the lucky owner, who got it at a steal of a deal, $350. Moving is the worst, you're stuck pawning off your lovely items for whatever people will pay. Which reminds me, anyone want a pottery barn couch?


auntie libby said...

you can store it here if you would like. who knows, you might need it someday!

virginia said...

I just saw that yellow dress at a fashion show here in LA... perfect for you and that gorgeous tan you've always got!

Anonymous said...

dresses that cute need to be shared... where did you find them?