Apr 14, 2008

Dear Life,

Reason # 15 that I LOVE life

I ABSOLUTELY love you today and here are some reasons why:

1. a great weekend in NY with my family
2. sunshine flooding my room this morning
3. working for great people at a great place
4. a fiance who surprises me at the airport at 1am when i thought Val was picking me up. i just love Matt Lybbert
5. bridesmaid dresses that flatter everyone - thank you J.Crew
6. Pleasantville Pizzeria (and Magic Wok Chinese, and fresh mozzarella) in NY

in first grade me took a walk down to Wheeler Ave. For a slice and a soda they charged Mrs. Caione's class $1.50. I had $2- thanks mom!- and wanted another slice, and for .50 cents they gave it to me. They also gave pizzas to every PHS sports team, and school event. Here's to you Pleasantville Pizza, and the deliciousness you've consistently provided since 1991.

7. waking up to the best roommates around
8. Matt's morning grouchiness - it always makes me laugh
9. New York City
10. gold chargers

my mom and i were trying to purchase 250-300 of them for the reception, but Villa Barone already had them- and threw them in free of charge! Mille Grazie Massimo e Antonio!

11. the anticipation of sitting on the porch swing this morning
12. calorie accountability friends who make you lunch (Val)
13. sisters who help you do your registry for 2 hours at Bed Bath & Beyond
14. the excitement that urbansherpa.com brings to my life
15. Sara Jane - sometimes she just makes me smile
16. Duston Todd

and so many reasons I don't have time to enumerate at work.

Life, I sure do love you.


valerie said...
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Rachel Ricchio said...

just found out that spoon me is comin to provo. looks like i can finally see what the hype is all about!