Mar 5, 2008

Dear Glorious Wednesday,

Dear Tucker-Inner,
You're sure good at what you do - let's make a habit of you.

Dear Thursday,
I woke up this morning thinking it was you ... but it wasn't. See you tomorrow.

Dear Sub-conscious,
You're far more brilliant than I give you credit for. Thank you for resolving my concerns during the ever-appreciated REM hours of sleep, and for cluing my conscious into my present state of contented satisfaction.

Dear Date-Night,
Cant wait for Indochine (a delicious local Vietnamese bistro), personal finance lessons and the gym tonight- all with the splendid company of former visiting teacher, present coworker, my accountability friend and future bridesmaid Valerie T Leach. (She doesn't have a middle name so I made one up for her)

Dear Closure,
Thanks. Glad to have you.

Dear Chemical Peel,
You're kind of like my friend Alexis Plowman. I didn't like her at first either but then I realized how great she is and developed a true appreciation for what she has to offer. I hated how you stung my face but love how clear and smooth I am today. We'll meet again...

Dear Fruits and Veggies,
SIX TODAY. that makes me "above average." I always was an overachiever (at least in the eating department)

Dear Mean Trick by Matt,
Remember when Matt mentioned that my sister had called about Luci Cat and I assumed it was because she died- or my dad ran her over with the car or something- and before he could tell me what happened I started hysterically crying and couldn't control myself? You sure are a mean trick.


Morgan said...

dear funny blogger, are you single? if so we should totally hang out.

Matt said...

hey now