Mar 10, 2008

Dear Manic Monday,

Dear Ken Garff,
Thanks to you I can write "PR & Promotions Manager" on my email signature - loooooooooooove that.

Dear Amazing Race,
I thought it only fair to warn you that we're coming. We- the collectively quintilingual (yes, 5 languages), 30+ ACT-scoring, fast running (former sprinters) fearsome duo heretofore known as the next million-dollar Amazing Race victors: Matthew T Lybbert & Noelle R. Nicolai. You've been duly warned.

Dear April 8-13,
You've brought reassurance back into my life. Should nothing move forward in regards to the June 27th celebration in the next few weeks, I rest assured knowing I'll have you - a few vital planning days in Manhattan.

Dear New York,
I'm coming home!

Dear Luci Cat,
Please see previous letter.

Dear "Forgive your Debtors,"
Easier said than done. One Jeri Parker, still owes me the remainder of my $400 security deposit given to her on the ninth of September two thousand and seven. I've neither forgiven nor forgotten.

Dear Priscilla of Boston Wedding Gown,
In the words of everyone's favorite nanny, Mary Poppins- "You're practically perfect in every way." And by practically, I mean absolutely.

Dear Daylight Savings,
Go to hell. This mornings wake up call was indeed 5am, regardless of what you say.


Ky said...

Dear Noelle,
You are funny. I'm a fam of all the "dear this" and "dear that" business going on around here!

The Castletons said...

Love it.

and yes I would love to go to dinner with the cousins...if it didn't already happen :)

Can't wait to see you!
Hope all the planning is going well.