Feb 29, 2008

Dear Surprise,

Dear High School Friends Who Surprise Me on Facebook,
Maureen and Erica and Carolyn and Angela and others ... it's always heartwarming to hear from you. It's amazing how 13 years of classmatedom endears people to you. I've tried to explain that a small community allows you to know EVERYTHING about your classmates... (siblings: John or Greg or Nick or Ben ... where you live: Clark or Dogwood or Skytop or Sunnyside ... or who you "dated" in the 3rd grade- but I won't resurrect that heartache!)
I think you're wonderful and LOVE hearing from you so keep it coming.

Dear Surprisingly Warm Day,
You've brought joy back into my everyday life.

Dear SURPRISE to my supervisor,
I need to go back to NY for a week to plan my wedding... I haven't told you just yet... SURPRISE!!!

Dear Lovey Dovey Fiance Email,
When you appeared in my inbox this morning I was THRILLED to see you and more THRILLED to read you. Even though you don't technically qualify as a surprise (since I kind of asked for you...) it still was wonderful so you make the list.

Dear Blog Readers,
SURPRISE!!!! I changed my colors to some ridiculous hot pink/ purple scheme JUST so you could have a surprise today too.

Dear Yoga Class,
I wasn't at all surprised by the corny guidance the instructor provided (i.e. repeat the words "i feel" in your mind, and listen to your body's response ... feel the energy flowing through you... you feel you feel...) BUT I was surprised at how much I liked you anyway. See you on Tuesday - I'll have mastered the dive into chattanooga-upward facing dog-downward facing dog by then!

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