Feb 25, 2008

Dear Life,

Dear Weather Man,
When I told you I was tired of snow I didn't mean for you to send the rain.

Dear March,
You can't go out like a lamb soon enough.

Dear Chest-Rattling Cough,
Thanks to your frequent visits my coworkers think I have tuberculosis and emphysema. You're late-night wake up calls and early morning fits are tiresome. In the words of Greg Behrendt and Liz Tucillo... IM JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.

Dear NyQuil,
I'm not sure what your alcohol content is, but I like it - as for the faux cherry flavor, not so much.

Dear Chloe Bridesmaid Dresses,
Exactly how long DOES it take to arrive from Australia?

Dear June 27th,
T minus 4 months, 2 days ... and counting

Dear Empty Gas Tank,
You sure are thirsty ... all the time. I wish you drank other things from the Chevron- like Diet Coke or Fiji Water (drilled from an Artesian well you know... and in case you don't know what an Artesian well is, it's named after the region in France where the boring style was invented... basically it means the water never touches the air until i crack open that rectangular bottle of perfection) ... instead you go for the expensive stuff.

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angelique said...

Noelle, I love you but to I don't think you can reasonably claim to not been guided by the "aesthetic obsession" as you call it - I seem to remember some very expensive prom in your past