Dec 15, 2007

Dear Family Christmas Party,

Dear Douglas Fir,
Remember when we tied you onto the roof and effectively tied ourselves out of the car? It's always entertaining to rendez vous with you each year.

Dear Italian Language,
I know my relatives butcher the beautiful song-like pronunciation of your words when they try to flash their Italian-American heritage, just know that I appreciate you and know what ko-min-cham really sounds like... (comminciamo.)

Dear Lasanga, Meatballs, Sorpasotta, Caponatta, Mozarella e Pane Rustica;
It's always a pleasure to have you.

I miei cari nonni: Angelo e Filomena,
Nel mio cuore, spero che avete potuto di essere con me e tutto la famiglia. Stasera, non siete in persona ma in spirito sempre. Ti volete bene.

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