Dec 13, 2007

Dear Ex Boyfriends....

Val and I thought it’d be great to send messages to some ex-boyfriends (college years only). We brainstormed last night and this is what I came up with... I won’t use names but it might be fun to guess….

Dear First-Love Ex-Boyfriend,
You taught me how to catch a baseball, be spontaneous, and a little bit about patience. I’m still learning those things, but thanks to you I’m a little better.
One more thing- I’m pretty sure you cheated on me.

Dear Worst Break-up-Endured Ex-Boyfriend,
I think we learned a lot from each other and just might be better for it. Also, I’m glad GPS systems are common commodities in cars these days, because you got us temporarily displaced a lot. Good luck.

Dear Never-Made-Time-For-Me Ex Boyfriend,
Now I better realize priorities in life.
Things that matter: spending quality time with people you love and church.
Things that don’t: cell phones

Dear I-Made-Out-With-You-Once Ex Boyfriend,
You're married now, and I like your wife way more than you.

Dear I-Think-You’re-Great Ex Boyfriend,
I think the salutation sums it up. Often times I’m reminded of how patient and understanding you were. I admire you and think you’re great. Your grandparents are too.

Dear Never-Were-a-Boyfriend Ex Boyfriend,
I have a confession: I HATE Indian food and Bombay House and I’m sorry I told you that you were a sunk cost…sort of.

Dear Perfect-Timing Boyfriend,
You sometimes get us lost but you always find your way. You're teaching me how to ski better, relax and exercise patience. You'd never cheat on me. I don't have to worry about Indian, cause we love the same kind of food- like Thai and Italian and honey nut cheerios. You're not married (at least not yet) and I think you're the GREATEST. Good thing I made all the mistakes on the others. I love you, fivever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever.


valerie said...

Beautious (Beautiful + Fabulous)

Marisa said...
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