Jul 30, 2012

on my mind

things on my mind lately:

1. sometimes even when you love what you do, it's hard to do it EVERY SINGLE DAY.
2. colorado is a great state.
3. i absolutely HATE that life decisions are driven by financial realities.
4. it's stupid how much i love these kids.

5. i've always felt like i was going to win the lottery. and then i read a study on extroverts and how they always think they'll win and i was devastated.
6. the olympics make me cry EVERY SINGLE DAY.
7. i would like a gymnast's tush.
8. i'm still having a hard time with wants and needs.
9. i'm mourning the loss of cherry season.
10. where did summer go?
11.  i opened the New York post to a random page and found out a high school friend had died while hiking in denver. it's been weighing on me.
12. matt's sweet little cousin is just stella's age and fighting for her sweet little life. and it breaks my heart.
13. god is good. even when bad things happen. 

1 comment:

E.F.G. said...

how did i miss this post!?
i have a bullet point comment for each one of your thoughts but my to-do list staring me down.

don't give up on the lottery. all you need is a "little bit of luck."