Jun 24, 2012

the truth is...

we had an incredible connecticut day yesterday.
made breakfast together.
laid out in the park.
threw a frisbee.
rode our bikes to the beach.
had a delicious lunch at beach cafe in old greenwich.
walked to an adorable ice cream shop.
and rode our bikes some more amongst 10-million dollar homes. 

but when we came home.
and wanted to go see brave with friends.
and realized there wasn't really anyone to call...
(not anyone that lives within a 20 mile radius at least)
it was a sad ending to our really great day.

the truth is, we've had a lot of great adventures.
driving x country (MULTIPLE times).
traveling europe.
landing our dream jobs. 
but relocating every 12 months makes it difficult to put roots down.
and now we're ready.
but not so sure stamford is the place we want to be rooted...

but if you know any young couples who live in the area and might like to see brave, let me know.


Megan said...

Noelle, we feel exactly the same way. Especially when the Jensons are vacationing in Europe or Mike is studying for the CFA!! So call us next time you want to go see Brave. We are only a five minute walk from your house and usually free on weekends!

- The Needhams

Anonymous said...

You guys should check out Live @ 5 and maybe you will meet some couples there.

Anonymous said...

move to new canaan! they're got fun young couples there!

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Lizzie said...

We really wanted to get to know you guys better when you were in the ward but between having our first baby & being out of town for a month, we never got together! But from what I understand you are still in the area, at least close by? Can we still play? I don't have your number but I'll find you somehow :)

PS: CT was a hard move for us initially too. I know how you feel!