Apr 26, 2012

awesome but lame

[sydney, shanghai & san fran] 

angelique once had a boyfriend who openly disagreed with my father at the dinner table (no really, it was shocking...) he had some other deplorable habits we didn't quite fancy, and a website - despite its overall mediocrity, its name aptly describes how i'm feeling about life tonight:
generally awesome, occasionally lame.

awesome: traveling first class around the world to places i've never been, experiencing cultures, people and experiences i never would have. and getting paid to do it. 

lame: traveling first class around the world WITHOUT MY HUSBAND. frequently. i'm boarding a flight to south america on sunday and i'm absolutely dreading it. i'd rather have my blood taken. i'd rather walk through a haunted house alone. i'm not sure you're grasping the gravity of what i'm saying - THE LAST THING ON EARTH I WANT TO DO is board another plane for another week away from home. i've spent more time in sheraton hotel rooms since moving into our new apartment than i have my own bed.  

awesome: a brand spanking new apartment with a wolf range (culinary dream come true), lots of natural sunlight, and a 5 minute commute to work.

lame: the apartment is in stamford, connecticut. it's not in manhattan. or london. it's not even in a state where we have any friends.

awesome: your sister coming over for dinner. let's be honest, since leaving hotel nicolai, matt and i have had a hard time readjusting to a life with JUST TWO people. we were really looking forward to seeing erica & jason tonight ... but ...

lame: a crazy long work day that left you drained. which lead you to close your eyes for 20 minutes. which turned into 90 minutes. in which time your sister arrived at the apartment, tried to call you to get in to enjoy said dinner, waited, called some more and then went back to their house because YOU WERE IN A COMA.

awesome: taking 90 minute naps.

lame: not sleeping at night because you took a 90-minute nap then stressing about how tired you'll be at work the next day when you have 2 uber-pressing presentations to complete before EOD.

awesome: best friend from college is just a train ride away.

lame: best friend from college is a 60-minute train ride away, which feels like a lifetime when you're used to having them in the room across the hall.

i don't need sympathy. these are first world problems. but if you could give me: sleep, quality time with hubs, a live-in niece & nephew, unpack our boxes, or complete those pressing presentations i'd love you forever.
and ever.
and give you all my skymiles.


Us Three and Daisy B said...

So glad to see you back in the blogging world again! Wow! What an adventurous life you've had since leaving SLC. I'm sure it is fun and an experience you'll never forget, but I also know the nice comfort of your own home and bed. Nice to see you are ok...and hope you get some rest, some fun time with friends and to sleep in your own bed very soon. Interested in hearing more about what is making you travel the world...I know work, but curious what you are up to? Hang in there and send some pics! Keep your chin up!

auntie libby said...
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auntie libby said...

Been there done that! I'm feeling your joy and your pain! Welcome to my former world.

Kristi said...

NOelle- could you email me? I don't know if you remember me, I bought a console from you and I am friends with Tom Swapp. I am curious, there is an opening with Thomas Arts I wanted to pick your brain about. Also my brother is in Stamford if you ever need anything. I know the Mormon world is small- I'm sure you have hookups there but it is a small world. kristijowhite@gmail.com


Alissa said...

Someday it will be really awesome when you and Matt can go on a nearly free vaycay because of everything you are doing now. Yard it will be really awesome how you are such a travel guru and have all kinds of tips and tricks to share.

My best friend lives in Redding. I'm coming out in a few weeks and then going to see Kimmy. Maybe we can convince her to take the train out and you guys can have a night, and then we'll go back together!

Anonymous said...

Wait. Did you say first class? YOU ARE TRAVELING FIRST CLASS! You are officially not allowed to have any complaints until you are traveling that much for work, only doing it in the back section of the plane.

kimmy girl said...

I miss Herman halls. 60 minutes is too much-but maybe next time we meet in the middle!

Stephanie said...

You know what is just totally lame? That I was sick on my birthday and missed seeing you in between your trips! LAME.

Kristen said...

You live a crazy life! I'm so excited for your adventures and hopefully it will calm down soon, right?