Oct 11, 2011


we're back from a surprise trip to utah.
hence the radio silence - it was a surprise and needed to stay that way. amidst ambushing his brother and sister and catching our fill of cougar football, wilk chocolate milk and cafe rio, we spent some time on campus.

the five years (yes FIVE) i spent in college were the most fun i've ever had, with the best friends i've ever had. but going back was strange... STRANGE. i imagine the feeling to be something like showing up at your childhood home for nostalgia's sake, only to find the house isn't there and no one there ever knew it existed. (you follow?)

and i thought the cheerleaders were in high school.
no really.

- all of the surprises. showing up on doors. popping up on campus. hopping out of closets.
- chocolate milk and cafe rio
- group work out - the calories burned laughing are about equal with the calories burned lifting
- big hugs from old friends at o.c. tanner
- colorful mountains
- finally coming to terms with utah not being our home anymore (i did live there for 7 years...)


E.F.G. said...

gorgeous pictures--you and the landscape. i, for one, am glad utah isn't your home right now.

Kristen said...

It is so weird going back! We are starting to be the "old" people who think that college aged kids look like kids. Luckily, life just keeps getting cooler.

Sara Jane said...

So sorry I missed you!
Here's to hoping you will pop out of my closet on your next surprise visit!