Oct 20, 2011

neiman marcus last call

neiman marcus last call has a website. (who knew?)
and today, one item of your choosing is 40% off (while all other items are an additional 30% off)
and if you spend $50 or more, use the code LCCDAY50 for free shipping.

there's lots of amazing things to buy. shoes. bags. clothes. and earrings....

gorgeous green studs
or these hammered gold chunk earrings. 

happy shopping


Amanda said...

i love you. my bank account will not. nor will my husband.

he will however thank his lucky stars that i cannot buy any clothing at this point because i have no idea what will fit (but really, can't i just buy my old size and hold onto it until after the baby?)

we still need to get together-especially since you are in the city every day now. i want to hear about the new gig!

J + M said...

Um...obsessed with Matt's tumblr. Joel is VERY impressed.