Oct 24, 2011

the kind of friend i want to be...

sometimes i miss having a houseful of best friends to share clothes, watch reality television, grab dinner or hit the gym with.  matt does more girlfriend duties than are required (he really is TOO good) but husbands can't entirely replace the gaggle of girlfriends we had in college.

so tonight, jana and i waxed philosophical about friendship. some expectations and some disappointments. why some friends are great. why we need friends. and i started thinking about the kind of friend that i want to be.

i want to remember important dates.
and be thoughtful for no reason.

i want my friends to call me when they're happy because they know i'll be their no. 1 cheerleader. or when they're sad, because they know it's okay to cry. and i'll take their side. unless their wrong. and then i'll let them cry and try to help them see the other person's perspective. 

my friend and me, we can be snarky together. but also, we can tell each other "hey, be nice." and we can go to dinner and talk all night. or we can just sit and say nothing in sweat pants.

i want to be the kind of friend you could talk to every day. or not talk to for a long time. and it would still be the same whenever we talked next.

i'll be the kind of friend that tells you if your butt looks big. but that also helps you pick out something that makes your butt look skinny.

and help you with all sorts of things. whenever you ask. and whenever you don't.
and if i hurt your feelings, you can say "hey, when you did that thing, it hurt my feelings." and i will say "i didn't mean to, i am so sorry."  and you would know i meant it.

so basically, i want to my friendships to be like my sisters.


Melissa Lucia said...

Really like this Noelle. I feel just the same. Well said.

Us Three and Daisy B said...

I just have to say how neat this is. We all need these kinds of friends. Thanks for the great post and for getting my mind thinking about some things myself. Hope you are doing well friend!

mandy said...

my front door is Glidden Mustard Seed...yes i painted it

auntie libby said...

"For there is no friend like a sister in calm or stormy weather; To cheer one on the tedious way, to fetch one if one goes astray, to lift one if one totters down, to strengthen whilst one stands." Christina Rossetti

kimmy girl said...

mission accomplished. you are so that friend to me. love you