Oct 1, 2011

happy list

i've been keeping a happy list for years - jotting down the little things that make me smile. here's what's filling my happy tank lately:

 [the shops in notting hill & luci cat.]

  • putting stella to sleep. she's a little ball of energy 99% of the day, but when it's time for bed she wraps herself around you, burrows into your shoulder and will cuddle as long as you're willing to rock her. 
  • bambi. not the movie, just my suburban life. whether i'm en route to the mailbox, or out for a jog it is nearly guaranteed that bright red cardinals, sharp blue jays, busy squirrels, scampering chipmunks, or a prudent bunny will cross my path. it's impossible not to love it.
  • luci cat. he sneaks his way into our bedroom each night, finds a soft spot on the duvet and cuddles up with me and matt. 
  • lavender candles. in one of the charming shops, on one of the charming streets in notting hill i purchased the most magical candle. dayelsford's lavender candle fills the room and melts away stress. i used to let it burn for hours on end, because a replacement was yards away. these days i'm rationing it out. 
  • REAL emails. how many emails in your inbox this morning were real ones? nothing better than an electronic letter. 
  • the success of my friends. kelsey's cooking show is on fire. shea is becoming an interior designer. kate manages Clark's global brand. caitlin designed her own fabric line. ashley is going to be colorado's greatest mother. karen got into oxford! marci passed her exams. with so many good things happening to so many great people, it's hard not to celebrate.  
  • ebay. with emails announcing that i'm "a winner" and the success of a sold item, it's impossible NOT to feel good. 

anything in particular put some bounce in your step today? 


Shannon Lybbert Low said...

Watching conference with some of my favorite people...Mr Low and two of our children.

nerak said...

noelle, i love you and miss you. and appreciate the shout out on your happy list.

my happy list today centers around two things: 1) general conference, and 2) indian summer in london. wish you were here.

Shea McGee said...

you're really too nice.

ps. congrats on your new job! so glad to see that new york is treating you well.