Sep 20, 2011


i love working.
since it became legal back in 2000, i've racked up a few on my resume:
  • hostess / waitress
  • abercrombie brand rep 
  • film office intern
  • marketing / events intern 
  • nordstrom sales rep 
  • pr / comms writer 
  • tech company sales associate
  • advertising account manager
  • event coordinator 
  • law firm admin (brief stint: approx. 6 hours before i resigned) 
  • advertising account executive
  • marketing supervisor / internal comms writer

and come monday, i start work as chief of staff for a communications firm in the city.

when i was in kindergarten i banged on the table and tried to overrule mrs. bedford ending playtime.  on a family vacation through the eastern seaboard i earned the nickname napolean for dictating where we would eat (not waffle house), where we would sleep (no hotels with outside doors), and anything else i considered within my jurisdiction. (the convenient part about creating your own jurisdiction is that anything's game!)

so maybe chief suits me?

joking aside. i'm so grateful for this opportunity, especially in a difficult economy. since arriving in NY 6 weeks ago i have interviewed with the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Guess, JWT, Kirschenbaum, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York University, JP Morgan and seemingly countless others. but this one is a fit. the CEO is brilliant. the team is experienced and welcoming. and after a year of floating,  (remember THAT meltdown?!?!), i'm looking forward to it.

i'm also looking forward to wearing these, because i can't think of anything more appropriate for work than red pants.


Us Three and Daisy B said...

CONGRATULATIONS! So excited that someone is going to be able to witness what wonderful work you do, your wit, your smarts, and best of all, your fashion sense. Lucky them to have you! Good luck with the new job and keep me posted on how it goes. And...I just have to say-nice color choice on the pants-GO UTES! (Sorry, couldn't hold back...)

J + M said...

Way to go girl!! Joel would die of my title was chief, he already thinks i have too much girl power! haha

nerak said...

you are a star!!

Stephanie said...

Awesome news! Are you hiring? ;-)

rubi said...


Elle Keeps Moving said...

ummm....that's AMAZING. seriously. i could so easily imagine your life being turned into a really great romantic comedy. you know, you're a babe (especially in those darling pants) working in the city in a high-powered job where you don't take crap from anybody but you're still charming, etc. etc. etc. are you following me?