Sep 10, 2011

10 for 10

10 things for September 10:

 stella loved spending time with uncle matt. 

  • i have a love hate relationship with rachel zoe. she's just the right mix of absurd superficiality, first-world self-absorption and genuine fabulosity. she's my crack cocaine.
  • matt's in austin taking friday night lights tours, eating southern barbecue and catching a cougar football game with his newly-engaged best friend. which makes me want to take a girls' trip. somewhere great with a gym and a masseuse. want to meet me there? 
  • i miss london. and kate. i miss my groceries on portobello. and my gym on moscow road. i miss a tv-less life (and my waist misses the virtually carb-free life). but while i was in london, i really missed america. which makes me also miss a time when i didn't miss anything. i was just completely happy right where i was.

  • i filled my j.crew cart with everything i wanted last night for a whopping total of $2,995. then i went to and applied for a marketing job (again) so i could have it all for 40% off. 
  • i may not need j.crew to employ me. (stay tuned. i'm very excited) 
  • there's a red alert terrorist warning for the 10th anniversary of 9/11. with "credible intelligence" that terrorist cells are planning attacks for the same day. why are people so mean? 
  • i have 72 unread facebook messages. just seeing that number stresses me out. i'm sorry if you wrote one of them... 
  • it's birthday season:
    • august - kris
    • september - teri & erica 
    • october - scott & jason
    • november - frank & jake 
    • december - allene, noelle, Jesus & matt 
    • (honorable mention to angelique, aubry, stellie and anton who come in feb, march & april)
  • if i could be anything i'd be an event planner / interior decorator / kitten breeding / personal trainer with a weekend gig at my favorite retailer for a discount. 


kate gunning said...

i miss you more than anything. and reading this made me cry. cannot wait to be together again. gymin. singin. body-combatin. just bein. xoxoxo same same diff

Kristen said...

love it. I can't wait to hear about your job(s).