Jan 12, 2011

frequent flyer

it was a 2 hour descent - you know, that point in the flight when your tray tables and seat back need to be in the upright position? and 30 minutes later you're usually on the ground? except we got the extended edition, like the extra minutes in the last Lord of the Rings that make it excruciatingly painful to sit through. is it over yet? (sorry to all of you Return of the King fans out there)

a thick cloud cover and virtually NO visibility, left us circling heathrow and changing altitudes endlessly for 120 minutes. by the time we did land, i counted more than a few people who sprinted to the bathroom or pulled out their sick bags. (including a woman who sprinted to the bathroom, then passed out inside and fell out onto the floor).

it was raining and gray when we landed.

i didn't want to leave new york to begin with - and travel 15 hours from JFK to montreal and montreal to heathrow - this didn't make it any easier.

but we're back.
and despite a rocky start, and a real bad case of the jet lag that we can't seem to kick, we're kind of glad to be here.
it turns out, we do like london after all. even if a few weeks at home made us forget that!

within a few hours of landing, there was brunch with karen, a visit with tim and kate, a text from lorianne, a fb message from simon, a hug from sue curran, and dinner with paul. we're still adjusting. still finding our place here in london (and trying to figure out how long we'll be in that place), but for now it feels like the right place to be. and i can't ask for more than that. (except maybe a smoother landing next time)

and because we all like pictures, here's the lybbert fam in 2010.
after the 12 hour flight to seattle. and the puddle jumper to pasco.
before the 2 canceled flights to new york.
and the flight to dc.
and the drive to ny.
we fly. frequently.

nicolais aren't much for family photos, so i don't have something to show for our time in ny.
but come april, they'll be plenty of nicolais in aruba pictures to go around.


Tim and Sara said...

WHERE did you get those red pants??? I am in love.

noelle regina said...

Worth every penny.