Oct 12, 2010

stellie buttons stole my heart

dear stella...
you stole my heart. and i'd like it back. please return IN PERSON ONLY to notting hill, london.

[aunt] noelle

who knew i'd love my sister's kid so much...

Whachu talkin' bout Willis?


laura said...

OMG those CHEEKS. Unreal.

Jana said...

OMG these pictures are amazing. And stella is in pink! How feminine! She's completely adorable.

E.F.G. said...

dear [aunt] noelle,
i'm nervous to fly alone. i have to wait until my mom was time to come visit. i'll try to convince her that we need to get there sooner than next summer. can you watch for flights for me?

love, stellie

noelle regina said...

dear stella,
tell your mom i'll pay for her to ship you in a box.

a nice one of course.
one big enough that luci cat can fit in too.

[aunt] noelle

Teri said...

OK, could a baby possibly be any cuter? We need a Stella, or a "Londy"! :)

Heather Ashby said...

She is darling! Isn't it so weird how you can fall so inlove with a little on you barely know?

angelique said...

oh my gosh, can you imagine Lucy shut up in a box with Stella??