Oct 24, 2010

Not Yet

we didn't make it to Paris this weekend, not yet - but hopefully she's in our near future. in the meantime we did ...

- get all dolled up for a classical concert @ Royal Albert Hall

- do what all dolled up people should do after a fancy shmancy concert, and hit up a late night diner for pancakes
- explore Parsons Green
- help our friends paint their new flat, minus the painting part
- go to church
- eat THE MOST DELICIOUS indian food at "the painted heron" (and were treated by our generous friends)
- have the boys of Camden over for dinner (matt's brother & roomies)
- play games
- and do what i LOVE to do most, PLANNED future outings (like Paris and Florence and Thanksgiving)

life here isn't nearly as lonely these days. i've actually been rather busy, but busy is a relative term. (i still want you to come visit) most recently, i'm anticipating my pending membership in the Kensington & Chelsea Women's Club - where i can attend book clubs, luncheons, italian conversation groups, interior decor classes, cooking lessons and all other matters of self-improvement as scheduled in their monthly catalogue. (i could even join their accapella group if i could sing- which i can't)

it's late and i'm off to bed.
but i really like snail mail. and maybe if you're bored, or if you want a postcard from london, you'd like to be my pen pal?

33 colville terrace
raised ground floor
london, w112bu
united kingdom



donya gjerdingen said...

I'd love to be your penpal! But I'm just a boring girl from Minnesota... I'll continue reading about your wonderful life on your blog :) The Women's Club sounds wonderful.

The Castletons said...

Keep your eyes peeled for good deals from LA to London! We would love to plan a visit!

kristin said...

oh how I love Royal Albert Hall, both inside and out! Looks like your seats were better than those I got for Jake and I. Standing room only. That Handel's Messiah feels like an eternity when you stand the whole time.

Teri said...

I saw Elton John at the Royal Albert many years ago. It looks just as awesome as I remember it. Love hearing about all your London activities!

siovhan said...

you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and if you take those interior design classes i want to see your work! you're already incredible!

mbobm said...

i'll be your pen pall.

Brittmae said...

I love that you have "raised ground floor" in your address...how cute and British is that? Seriously...my address would say squatty 70s duplex...not nearly as lovely.