Oct 18, 2010

current & french for a traditional italian

they stylists told me i should wear it messy. then they talked me into buying "product" to aid in that endeavor. then they sent me on my way. little did they know, I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO hair. at least i'm trying ...

in 6th grade when my mom was still doing my pony tails, i thought "when i get to high school i need to learn how to do my own ponytails." that's about as far as i got. (i also thought, "when i get to high school i have to stop sleeping with my baby blanket and walking around the house in my skivvies." neither of those things ever happened.)

but there's more to life than my unsuccessfully messy hair and skivvies...
like how we had VISITORS this weekend!

and we went on the jack the ripper tour - with world renowned expert donald.
here's me and allison in front of "prostitute's church" - where they queued up to pick up customers. jack picked up one of his victims here in 1888. she was donezo just a few minutes later.

and we strolled through portobello market.
through fruits & veggies. buttons. scarves. vintage everything. antiques. and the MOST INCREDIBLE falafel sandwich you could imagine. (including lots of fur coats, which i think i might kind of love)

so, on the whole, living in london is pretty great. we love the smell of autumn in the air.
tweed jackets.
crisp nights.
the leisurely place of life we're enjoying. the people we've met. our flat.

we miss onion soup mix. how affordable SLC was. our family & friends. the power our clothes dryer packed. our car. luci cat (okay... that's just me...) and a few other comforts found in the US of A.

here, our day-to-day is uneventful. i work from home, scour ebay for deals, pick up some fruits and veggies at the market. matt gets ready for school, does lots of problem sets and comes home for dinner. but london affords us the opportunity to sprinkle our weekends with Jack the Ripper walking tours, Porotbello & Borough markets, trips to the Stone Henge and Paris and so on and so forth.

hope you had a lovely weekend.
and if anyone has any "product" suggestions for messy hair, let me know. mine isn't QUITE working out.



taylor said...

Bumble & Bumble SURF and Bumble and Bumble SUMO TECH. You won't be sorry. I've used them for about 10 years. THE BEST. I'm glad to hear you're doing so well!

Shea McGee said...

love. love. love the hair.

The Mendenhall Clan said...

u know how to do ur hair! u r just over thinking it. n i still sleep with my baby blanket too. sterling still gives me a hard time about it.

mandy said...

I love your hair! My favorite product is rough up by osis. Hope you make it Paris!

rubi said...

you're so cute. have fun in paris! and stop over thinking your hair. :)
i vote on surf spray too.

Stephanie said...

You have always played the "I can't do hair card" but your hair always looks great. Way to pull it off. xo

Alison said...

um, when i lived in london I gained like 10 lbs...apparently you've lost that AND have FRENCH :) hair! GEESH! HOTTIE. come back?