Sep 8, 2010

The Thames: Same Same but Different

same city.
same window.
but very different view.
Same Thames but different....
(yes, I think I'm clever)

it's incredible how a little sunshine changes everything.

"same same but different" is something we picked up this spring in thailand. it's how the people there describe something that is similar. my theory - there must not be a thai word for "similar", instead they say "same same but different." then, they apply that logic to english. the same way i've tried and say "take a shower" in the romance languages, when really it's say "make a shower."

which reminds me ... off to fare una doccia.
showering is optional here. i smell that fact all over the city.
in a previous existence, not showering until 6pm would make me feel like I wasted the day, or was perhaps a tad lazy - but here in London i'm in the upper echelons of personal hygiene.


[and if you don't understand that reference, do yourself a favor and watch this... he's homeless. he's mentally unstable. and he doesn't actually PLAY the keyboard in front of him - but he presses the auto play button and sings along. his street performances were so popular he went on tour!]


Tim and Sara said...

Ha! I love the Wesley Willis reference...his songs pretty much sum up our freshman year at BYU, don't you think??

scott and lindsey said...

i laughed when i saw the title of this.. I have a friend who lives in Thailand for about 2 months out of the year and i picked it up from her- she said there is a restaurant there called "Same Same But Different" and then another one next door called "Same Same But Better." I hope the sunshine comes back! Not to mention Wesley Willis is pretty amazing- have you heard "Cut the Mullet"- a personal favorite. Hope things are working out there for you guys.

Katie said...

Ok, I LOVE that Thai saying! Never heard of it.

When Cameron was a toddler he used to say, "Two ones, same same" whenever he had two of the same thing... two cookies, two toy cars, whatever. He still says it, and I love it.

Random family story brought to you by the fact that I'm bored and Cam, my brother and Dan Cook are playing video games right now. Haha.

Enjoy your London adventures... looks so fun.