Sep 2, 2010

dear universe,


dear universe,

before i plead my case, let me state publicly that i've defended you endlessly. you're fair. you're just. you reward good works. and sometimes, when people "put something out there" you create a cosmic coincidence.

(remember that time i took a big $ law firm job in NYC, and realized after 2 hours it wasn't good for me. and then maybe told a little fib to HR about having a job offer with a high end wedding / event planner, that'd id be remiss to pass on. and then 2 weeks later I DID HAVE A JOB with a high end wedding / event planner. i'm kinda hoping for that again)

apartment hunting has been less than fruitful.
but we found one. admittedly, i didn't like it. at all.

it fits none of our original "criteria" - different part of town, it doesn't have a "bedroom" per se. not entirely furnished (or at all). but i'm thinking outside of the box. i think we could do great things with it, and it would be an adventure.

so, in the spirit of saying things and then having them come true...
WE LIVE HERE. (if you let us)

a spacious "studio" apartment.
the tub is in the kitchen, but i've been wanting a folding screen.
the bed is on the ceiling. but i've always loved hammocks.

universe, i leave the rest up to you.

adoringly (at least until you reach a verdict),


Rachel said...

whoa!!! I love your place! It's adorable. I love the bathtub, the ceiling bed and the rooftop! And you have good appliances in your kitchen. Oh and those big windows are great too. Looking for apartments was hell here. I live in a studio too. I wish my bed hung from the ceiling, but sadly it's in the couch.

Rachel said...

and p.s. your place is so BIG! (as in Tom Hanks' place in the move 'Big')

angelique said...

the exterior is a little forbidding, I grant you - but those windows! and the sky light! you will have such great light in there - I think its a perfect young student-couple place - I can't wait to see what you do with it

nikki said...

Ok, so maybe it wasn't what you were looking or hoping for, but it is pretty fabulous by my standards, and I have no doubt that your creative design genes will make it even more fabulous. I can't wait to come to London and see it for myself. Way to go!

Ashley said...

I LOVE it!!!! Seriously. And I'm not just saying that to make you feel better. I think it has huge potential and think of the great parties you can host in that space!! And the bathtub in the kitchen makes for a great conversation starter. I can't wait to see what you do to it. It'll be great. You'll see :)

whittle sticks said...

If I could design my dream loft, that would be it. no joke. Being able to lay in the tub while baking cookies, watching TV, and talking to my husband... heck yeah. I love the outside, and the fact you can lay in bed and look at the stars. I have my fingers, eyes, and toes crossed for you because someone I know should be living there if I can't.

Shea McGee said...

I love it. Like like really love it - it has the potential to be really amazing. And if I know you, you'll make it just that.