Sep 5, 2010

all is well, all is well

Here's Handsome in London.

My apartment in Rome was situated between a geriatric hospice and a hospital, resulting in the frequent passing of ambulances. There is something so foreign about the wailing of sirens in other countries. We heard one last night as we dozed off, and both admitted to having the feeling we no longer were "home" - wherever that is.

I arrived in London with the most severe case of jet lag anyone on the face of the earth has ever experienced (no, I'm not being dramatic). It's the same feeling you might have after downing a few gallons of jack daniels and waking up to run a marathon the next morning.

6 hours of napping and a 13 hour night's rest finally knocked it down.

Hungover in Regents Park...

It's hard to believe that we live here. WE LIVE HERE. I had a similar feeling in the weeks after the wedding. WE'RE MARRIED?!?
Might as well get used to it.
And while I'm adjusting, I just need to accept that Brits aren't big on rule-breaking and shortcuts, unfortunately those are 2 of my strengths.

Today, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the egg carton - diversity!

I saw a terribly handsome 60 year old, in a stunning sport coat and scarf sitting in an aston martin convertible in south kensington.
I walked through the Upper West Side and Harlem equivalents of London.
I ate a delicious brie and tomato baguette.
I eavesdropped on french and italian conversations.

I was stung on the bottom of my foot by a wasp who wiggled his way in (then I walked on swollen foot for approx. 4 more hours).
I learned nothing about the tube
I did not find us a place to live

And here's a shout out to Kris, Ostler, Marisa, Striker & Robyn - we took a stroll past Palace Court.


kristin said...

Give Palace Court my love. Also, wash all your eggs before using them. They don't clean them there and we often found nasty things on the side of ours.

Sara Jane said...

You are gorgeous! xoxo

Marci Joy said...

Hooray for London!

Marci Joy said...

Hooray for London!

Shea McGee said...

You look amazing, hangover and all-your jacket is tdf.