Aug 9, 2010

the vintage edition

my slightly addictive personality is on to something new, that's old:
vintage dresses on ebay.
and since i'm already in 5 bidding wars, i want you to have them.
(and let's be honest, my hips won't fit into some of these lovelies)

which one is your favorite?

green brocade dresses
$46.50 - 50s tulip skirt
$225 - UH-MAZ-ING 60s evening gown
makes me want to sing - "this irresistable paris original..." (how to succeed anyone?). only thing better than vintage is parisian vintage. if i could do the prom ALL OVER, i'd wear it.

make her an offer she can't refuse
(this seller lets you pick your price)
$49.99 - mod floral shift
$24.99 - 70s sailor dress

green and gold
$58 - 60s mod shift dress
gold - not telling, since i'm currently in the bidding war.

and there's plenty more where these came from.

this gem is $4.80 right now. i've got 7 days to snag her.

call me old fashioned but swap out the belt, shorten the skirt, add a blazer and oxfords/boots and i kind of REALLY LOVE this one.

and a personal fav, that i'd pay $93 for at anthro but NEVER on ebay (yes, i'm a walking contradiction) - this gorgeous 40s day dress.


Morgan said...

You would probably like this place in LA called Shareen Vintage. My friends just did a short with the owner:

Anonymous said...

You've gotta get that green one!