Aug 26, 2010

a masters of my own

this handsome fellow is in london, finding us a fabulous flat to live in.
then, we'll have a place to live. i'll fly out, he'll start his masters. and we'll go to paris. (maybe not in that order)

[like we did here]

and all this masters talk has me wondering about grad school. so here's a peitition to the gods of higher education.

i'd like to create my own masters program.
The Honorary Noelle Regina Nicolai Lybbert degree will consist of intensive study in the following areas:

italian language
DSLR for beginners
personal training (working with one, not becoming one)
french cooking and eating (balanced by personal training)
interior decor
negotiating skills
world history and religions
world travel
NYT best seller literature review
intro to self cosmetology
water color painting and other fun crafts

Anybody want to get a masters with me?