Feb 22, 2010


It's official.
The raw experiment will begin with the arrival of my RAWvolution order. (a week's worth of gourmet raw meals prepared by LA chef Matt Amsden and shipped to your door)
His cookbook is also en route. I am beyond excited.

Included on this week's raw menu:
  • cucumer dill salad.
  • tomato basil soup.
  • thai coleslaw.
  • tostada with salsa fresca.
(No. I'm not going to spend exorbitant amounts of money each week on raw food meal deliveries- pure raw charges $250, Matt's is a much more affordable option and highly recommended in the raw community. That said, a raw lifestyle is more expensive than our current cheeseburgers in paradise. Before I stock up on hemp seeds, agave nectar, and goji berries - I want to see how we like it.)

I'll keep you posted.


Shea McGee said...

You are so brave! I feel like I would be so hungry all the time - please keep updating the blog on your raw-volution experiment.

Anonymous said...

Noelle, I'm sorry to hear that you find our prices exorbitant. We do keep our prices as absolutely low as is possible. In any case I do hope you enjoy your Box.


Matt Amsden