Apr 1, 2008

Dear April Fools,

Dear Thomas Arts Fool,
I’d like to ask you why you thought messing with the office’s Diet Coke machine was a funny idea? A serious insurgence sprung this morning when the office addicts guzzled mouthfuls of Dr. Pepper in place of the aspartame goodness they so desperately crave. Should you pursue such antics in the future, were I you, I would fear for my life.

Dear Gmail Fools,
Did you REALLY think they would allow you to retroactively send emails to shirk responsibility? COME ON! (Having said that- when presented with Gmail’s new and improved feature I did think to myself that I could benefit from such devious designs)

Dear Fools in Life,
I’ve had the pleasure of being in the acquaintance of a few of you… and today we celebrate your unwise, thought-lacking, paltry selves.

Dear Fools Gold,
Were I living in a frontier town, in shanty homes with limited supplies and lacking the luxuries of life at the time – I too would have believed that golden-colored sparkling piece of ore buried deep in the mine I was digging was, in fact, gold. The All Time Most Clever Look Alike Award in the HISTORY of the WORLD goes to you. Although the Viceroy butterfly (pictured below) gave you a run for your money- I’m sure many a predator avoided munching on him because they thought he was the bitter tasting, hard on the gizzard Monarch butterfly he imitates.

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