Mar 28, 2008

Dear J. Crew,

I wrote to the special occasions department and requested a dress with sleeves- 8 weeks later there it was. I also appreciate the "secret" password that gave me 20% off, and honoring my fiance's 10% student discount.... oh and throwing in free shipping.

I knew you'd come through.
Thank you.



E.F.G. said... really think they honored YOUR dress request in a short 8 weeks? so, how does the rest of the world look while its spinning around you? just kidding! you're the bride, and thus the world does revolve around you. enjoy it for 3 more months.

Kristin said...

I wrote them a in january as well! Hmm, maybe there are enough mormons out there asking for cute dresses.

Ryan and Laura said...

Noelle! Laura- the best RA ever- here. I have no idea what chain of blogs I stalked to find yours, so I figured I'd better leave a comment. Congrats on the pending marriage ( I think I gatherd that). Visit my blog sometime so you can meet my cute baby and husband!! Hope you're doing fantastic.

Courtney said...

that dress is super cute! i want it for me! :) i am glad all your wedding plans are coming together.

virginia said...

The color is magnificent!

angelique said...

love the new wallpaper but you need more contrast between your background color and typeface color - so relieved about the dresses (as you already know)

Sarah Larsen said...

i need the code for the 20% off stat. I have to order that dress in black for a party on Saturday!